Sunday, April 29, 2018


Well this week was definitely a change of pace! Being in a new area is nice! We spend quite a bit more time in the area which is good. We've been seeing this one lady named Mamma Lina every single day this week and she got baptized this last Saturday! The ward is the biggest I've been in on my mission, not counting salt lake, and the members are all pretty awesome! People seem to love helping the missionaries and the Bishop does everything he can to help the ward. I'm pretty hyped to be working here. 

Some random highlights of the week:

-There is a port member family that we are working with a few of them speak french! I got to give the non member papa a blessing in french which was super cool!
- I also got to perform a baptism for the first time which was super cool too! All went well.
-One of Elder Hardy's recent converts named Thelma in the area also referred her friend to us so we just started the lessons with her! We are pretty sure she wants to get baptized and change her life around! Recent converts can be powerful examples to others. 
-I huge part of the neighborhood is getting bulldozed because a business man is building something we think. Some of our investigators unfortunately got displaced :( We found where they moved though. Its this random place on the side of a mountain which is pretty actually. 
-For my studies Ive been looking deeply into the old and new convent that Jesus Christ has made with his people. Its crazy how deep the symbolism gets. Its also crazy how much you can learn while comparing the Book of Mormon with the Bible. 

Bout it for this week! Ill be sure to write more next time. 

Elder Burbank

Mama Lina's baptism
Random beach picture

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