Thursday, September 7, 2017

2 hours on a bus

Last Pday we didn't have our car so we kinda just chilled at the house for most of the day. We did have one dinner appointment with the Castel family though! We talked more about ww2 history here in New Cal. Super cool stuff. I also found out that ill be getting transferred to Bourail! Even further north! 

Thursday we had a zone training. President made a special trip down to New Cal to watch and talk about Elder Stevenson's visit to Vanuatu! Super cool getting to see an apostle directly address our mission even if we weren't there in person. 

Friday we got our car back from the AP's! We also got to visit quite a few people. I'm really tried to get my trainee situated before I leave! I also said goodbye to alot of people. 

Saturday I was suppose to get on a bus and head up to Bourail but it didn't work out. There weren't really any buses that day so the transfer got moved to Monday morning. 

Sunday I got to say goodbye and do some final lessons with some investigators. Another solid day. We also got to talk with an inactive from Tahiti who has a sick drift car. Definitely got a picture with that. 

Monday I hopped on a bus by myself and took it up to Bourail for 2 hours. First time I've really been alone on the mission. Pretty weird experience, Bourail is so incredibly different than anywhere else I've served. There are alot less people here and the area is absolutely massive. There are lots of tribes here too. Some of which haven't been opened to mission work because a member has to do a special custom thing to let missionaries in. Just way way different. We have a branch here of about 20 members and the missionaries usually run sacrament meeting because the stake is in the process of calling another branch president. 

That's it for this week! 

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: not a whole lot this week but Ill take a bunch of the new area this week.
-That less actives ride
-With our new investigator Maka!

-More squats in Dumbea
-Birthday cake!
-One of the nighborhoods "Val Suzon"

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Elder Tetuaiterai

Another solid P-day last week. Elder Tetuaiterai made this raw tuna dish and we played soccer and volleyball with the kids in the neighborhood. 

Thursday I headed up to Tontouta on an exchange with Elder Claveau. First time I've done an exchange where I leave my own area. It was super solid. Taught a guy named Jean Mark the restoration. He understood super super well I was a little surprised. Later that day we taught a legendary recent convert named Steve about patriarchal blessings and we answered a bunch of his questions. Ive already talked I little about him in previous emails but he still amazes me. 

Friday was Elder T's birthday! I think we ate a total of 4 cakes for his birthday. Some other missionaries and members all made cakes for him haha. We also had a lesson with Rodrick the kid our age who told us he was baptized protestant and that he'll die protestant but at the end of the lesson he asked how can one get baptized into our church! Crazy stuff. 

Saturday we had a perfect lesson with Moea. I think she's finally convinced she needs to read the Book of Mormon now. We'll see this weekend if she actually does! We also met a new investigator named Maka. We showed up just to share a little message for maybe 15 minutes but he ended up feeding us lunch and asking a never ending stream of questions! Super cool. He's catholic but super open to talk about other religions. 

Sunday after church literally nobody was home. Didn't really get to talk to anyone unfortunately.

Monday we had to give up the car! We wont have a car all this week because presidents assistants are here and they decided to take our car to drive up and down the island to do exchanges with everybody. We probably walked 6 or 7 miles because our area is too big. We had a few lessons and it was solid but crazy tiring. 

Tuesday was a similar story. We decided to stay a little closer to our house this time round. We saw Nels and Vaiana again. Everyone is still going well! 

That's all for this week! 

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

-The senior couple, Elder and Sister Glade went home to Utah on Monday :((((((
-Elder Tetuaiterais birthday with the Selui family
-Raw tuna on a bed of cabbage with some raw tuna coconut milk Tahitian salad.

We saw a white cross

Last Pday we saw a white cross up on a mountain so we decided to hike to it. We got a little lost but finally found it. We also played a little volleyball with all the kids in the neighborhood. Sport contacting I guess you can call it.

Thursday we found a new investigator named Tino! Turns our he's related to a member. We had no idea. We also headed up north to do a baptismal interview with a Aki. One of the investigators in Tontouta. Apparently his baptism went super well! We couldn't go but all is well! 

Friday we found a couple new investigators as well! Maria and Roger! They live super far away in the squats but we actually started doing lessons with them now. We also saw the recent convert who lives right next to us, Vaiana. Another solid lesson with her. She joined the church up in Kone which is a group of a branch of like 15 members so shes a little scared to come to a ward with 100.

Saturday we decided to randomly help some people plant their garden. Potentially some new investigators. They were super super nice. Pic below.

Sunday we saw Moea after church. Another solid lesson with her. She already believes in a restoration of the gospel but in a different restoration haha. Apparently there is a prophet here in New Cal that she follows. We are really stressing the Book of Mormon with her.

Monday was a little rough. Nothing really worked out. Right at the end of the day we did find a new investigator named Rodrick though. He's our age and is actually interested! We saw him on Tuesday too and he wants us to come back Thursday!

That's about it for this week.

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: Hiking to the cross