Sunday, April 8, 2018

Conference week

Pretty good week. General Conference was good as always! This
conference didn't really resonate with me as the other generals
conferences though for some reason, I think part of the reason was
because I had seen all the new announcements on before I
watched it and we had to watch it in Bislama too. Lets just the the
translation in Bislama is....interesting. Not that I don't like Bislama
its just that the language isn't really capable of capturing general
authorities talks haha.

As for the week it was solid. We had an awesome family home evening
with the Hilliman family. The guy standing to the left of me in the
picture just left to the MTC last Wednesday. We will be picking him up
in like 2 weeks cause hes serving in Vanuatu :)

Tuesday we had zone conference. Elda Child and I gave our zone
training and we thought it went well. We talked about being full
purpose missionaries. For the zone activity half of us just ended up
playing basketball in the rain barefoot haha. It got a little crazy.

Wednesday we finished up zone conference. It was kinda sad cause
president had to start training us on how we are going to transition
to the new mission president! I cant believe President is going to be
leaving in July! Ive spent my whole mission with him and now I wont
get to go home with him as my mission president :(

Thursday we found and helped this lady, Florita, make some simboro. We
talked to her about the Book of Mormon while we made it. We
essentially spent the rest of the day just talking about prophets and
inviting people to conference.

Friday we had some office meeting and planning etc etc. We also picked
up a returning ni-van who served in the Philippines. He got released
but we took him out to teach one last lesson before he flew out to
Tanna Saturday morning.

Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and spent a decent amount of
time in the area given our circumstances. One of our new investigators
who we haven't even taught yet came to conference but we didn't see her
till it was over! We felt super bad. She got lost in the crowd of
people she didn't know. My favorite talk from conference was probably
Elder Bednars about meekness. Some really good insite. Never really
thought about what it meant to be meek before his talk.

That's it for this week!


Elder Burbank

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