Sunday, April 8, 2018

Time flys - Happy Easter

Somehow it's the forth week in the transfer already. Time is just getting faster and faster. Only 5 months left in the mish! 

This week was solid, Last Monday we had a family home evening with a less active, partial member family. The whole time they were making jokes about how they should come back to church. The husband kept joking how he should get baptized too but nothing ever happens! Only their 13 year old son comes to church haha. We'll keep working with them. 

Tuesday we set a baptismal date with our investigator Zackaya! He's one of Jonathans (our recent convert) friends! Same kinda situation and he want to change his life around a bit! We also had to tell this one lady straight at the flight agency that missionaries cannot in fact have girl friends haha. This lady was slipping Elda Child some notes every time we came into their office to book flights.

Wednesday we finally met with this investigator named Phillip Noklam. Hes one of the dudes we found contacting with president when Elda LaMont lost his planner. By backtracking a bit we ran into him and thought it was meant to be! Turns out hes actually pretty interested in learning about other religions I think. 

Thursday was quite the unproductive day. We took some missionaries to and from the airport like normal but didn't really get out to the area. We did get to talk to some random people at the airport though! Met this lady from Virginia and another from Poland and some other people from France. Perk of being a missionary: you get to talk to everyone from around the world! 

Friday we met with this random papa from the SDA church again. We don't actually know his name but he freaks out in joy every time we come it seems haha. He's been studying the Book of Mormon like crazy! He made so many connections to the Bible it was insane. Elda Child and I also spent a good while to prepare a training for zone conference next week. A ton of missionary comps are doing the trainings this time round. 

Saturday we saw Angelina again and her parents newly born baby boy! They still haven't named him yet haha. She seems to be getting ready for her baptism. We saw a bunch of other people too. We kinda had a Book of Mormon theme going on with all the lessons we taught. It was pretty solid. A nice busy day :) 

Sunday not a single one of our investigators with a baptismal date came to church! They all promised so it was quite disappointing. As for the rest of the day we went out with a member, Adam Hilliman. He leaves to the MTC in 3 days and will be serving in the VPVM! The same member we go on splits with will be getting picked up from us at the airport when he arrives as a set apart missionary haha. Maybe one of us could train him. Anyway that's about it for this week!

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank
Have a good Easter everyone!

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