Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Father's Day

This week went pretty well! Started out with a super generic P-day, washed the car, cleaned the house, emails and shopping. 

Thursday Fanny promised us that she was going to come to church. We had a long lesson in the priesthood and the importance of going to church. Turns out she didn't show! We had a ride set up and everything but at the last moment she had to cancel! We are praying for next week haha. We also had a lesson with Nels and his wife on the Word of Wisdom. That was a fun one. He was smoking a joint as we told him that tobacco is against the commandments. He says he'll stop slowly but surely. We also got to go down into Koutio and give blessings to an entirely non member family! They also asked for a blessing on the house and on their car haha. It went really well and the family might even start taking missionary lessons!

Friday we did a long service project with a member. We build these shelves for storage and cleaned up his garden. We also had a ward activity with lots of good food :)

Saturday we went around with a member trying to contact and follow up with some people but nothing really worked out until the very last part of the day. We finally had a lesson with this one inactive member named Sylvestre. Its the first time we've met with him and its been a good while since he's come to church. The lesson went super well and he asked for a blessing and came to church the next day! He said every time he leaves the church his life gets really hard. Go figure I suppose. He is actually quite the interesting guy. When he was younger he played professional golf in Australia. He lives right next to one of the few golf courses here on New Cal. He still golfs almost everyday.

Sunday was solid. We finally had a lesson with Emma Katie, someone we found right at the start of our whitewash. When we first showed up at the squat she wasn't there so we ended up just talking to her boyfriend for the longest time. He's a bit of a strange dude. At first he kinda rejected us but we've passed their place enough times that now he accepts us haha. We sat and talked for the first real time. While talking his super drunk neighbors came over and handed us all beers. We politely declined but he kept trying to get us to drink. In the heat of it all Emma came home so we had a quick lesson on the plan of salvation. She knows tons about the church already because turns out that she's the sister of the member that passed away when I was in my old sector Ducos. Anyways we are really hoping she comes to church again because I think she knows the church is true through her older sister. 

Monday we did a service project for Sylvestre. We built this porch for a cabanne on his property. I didn't get any pictures unfortunately. We also got to watch the worldwide young adult devotional with Beniot and we talked more about Joseph Smith and patriarchal blessings.

Tuesday we went down to Dumbea Sur Mer and gave another Family, car, house blessing combo. Also a non member family! This family was related to the last and the word got passed! 

That's it for this week!

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

I didn't really take many photos this week so I stole a few of Elder Nulak's

Pics: Service project with me slipping, ward activity, some crazy good bread that Emma Katie gave us.

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