Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mission Conference

Another solid week, especially because Elder Neilsen of the seventy came to visit!
Ill talk more about that in a bit. 

As for last Pday nothing really happened out of the ordinary. We started out really late because we lost power in the morning so we didn't get to do any activities. 

Thursday we met with Beniot for the first time in a month! He just got back from Australia and hes getting baptized this Saturday! While he was in Australia he told us that he got a strong spiritual impression to serve a mission! He is absolutely incredible. Super super excited for Saturday. He also asked me to give him the gift of the holy ghost. My first time. Should be a good experience.

Friday I spent way too much time reading the Book of Mormon. Read like 70 pages and finished it! Each time that I read through it I always take Moroni's promise to heart. Even though I know the book is true I still like to ask anyways. The spirit will always answer a sincere question even if you already know the answer! It really helps my testimony and helps me understand what its like to be an investigator. 

Saturday was the adult session of Stake Conference with the seventy! Even though he cant speak french is was incredible to see how he still connected with the people. The gospel is a universal language! (I encourage everyone to read the talk "The Language of the Gospel" from last general conference again!) 

Sunday was the general session and Beniot got to meet our mission president who came with the seventy from Vanuatu. He also got to talk to Elder Neilsen which was super cool. 

Monday we had a conference just with Elder Neilsen, our mission president and their wives and the missionaries! Another great experience. There is a light about the general authorities that is mind blowing. The way he can connect and break down the scriptures is crazy. 

Tuesday we had a little serve project with a part member family. We spent two hours turning a field. Good times. 

That's about it for this week!

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: -Elder and Sister Granger on the left, Me and my past trainer, Elder Conger, Elder and sister Neilsen on the right. 

-Service project!

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