Monday, July 10, 2017

Mountains of the Lord

Had some fun last P-day and decided to drive to the top of "Mont Dzumac". We figured there had to be a road up to the summit because we saw a ripped up flag on top. After a little bit of searching we found it! The view up there was incredibly beautiful (pics below) I had to take advantage and take some "proselyting pictures"

Thursday we had another lesson with Nels. He's doing well but he hasn't been coming to church! This week in general we didn't have a single investigator at church! Other than that all our lessons fell through Thursday :(

Friday was another unfortunate day with every lesson falling through. We did find one potential investigator though! We'll see if that goes anywhere. We also had an unplanned lesson with Bible smoker dude. Lets just say that we probably won't be stopping by him again haha. 

Saturday was a huge Tahitian party called "Heiva" Its went for most of the day and there were a bunch of traditional Tahitian games and competitions along with tons and tons of dancing. Each ward had been preparing a dance for the last couple of months. Tons of inactives and non members came so its was perfect for missionaries! All the parking at the chapel was closed off for games so we kinda had to park far away at the beach which proved to be a bit of a problem. Beniot was with us too and right when we got out of our cars there were these super drunk Ni-Vans waiting. They started harassing Elder Nulak and saying all sorts of flowery words in Bislama. One of the guys even threw some punches at Elder Nulak. It was a little rough but once we made our way to the chapel they left us alone. 

Sunday was pretty good. Beniot received the priesthood and will be doing the sacrament next week! We didn't have any investigators like I said earlier but what can we do. 

Monday one of our recent converts, Laurant, had us come over to do a little "service". His chickens stopped giving eggs so they had to go haha. We killed, plucked and cleaned all 5. He gave us one :). We also had a lesson with Celine again. She doesn't live with her boyfriend anymore because he had to go to France for the army so we are really trying to progress her to baptism. She loves the missionaries and I think has a testimony and now she has no reason not to get baptized! 

Tuesday we went to the brand new Hospital, Medipole, to give a non member a blessing. Went super well I think. We also had our district meeting up in Tontouta like normal and we also had a lesson with 2 inactives! A solid busy day. 

That's all for this week! 

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: Mont Dzumac, Stake dance festival

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