Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

Had a super busy week with 18 lessons! Never before heard of in Dumbea Nord! 

Last P-day was pretty solid. The weather was nice and Elder Tetuaiterai wanted to see mont dzumac so we drove up to the summit again! After we went to play a little soccer in the neighborhood, just the 2 of us but on our way to the field a random guy from Morroco stopped us on the street and asked us if he could join us on the field. We thought he was joking but he actually came! Turns out he was super super good at soccer but he wanted to help us learn haha. After playing for a little while just the 3 of us kids started showing up left and right. 3 turned into 30 and we had a big match. It was pretty fun. 

Thursday we had quite a few solid lessons. We had one with an inactive named Paula who hasn't come to church in 20 years but she said she would come this Sunday! First time she has ever told me that but she didn't come unfortunately. We are going to follow up this week. 

Friday we had a lesson with Eliane the inactive lady who stopped us in the store. Apparently the night before she has a huge miracle happen! She was hospitalized, scanned and was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. She refused immediate surgery because she had a feeling not to. They re-did the scan a little later and there was nothing. She knows the church is true and still feels the holy ghost in her life! Also while contacting Friday a guy came out with his sniper rifle and asked if we had anything better to do. A little threatening haha. We saw Nels again too and the alternator in the car he just bought broke so he couldn't come to church! It just never ends with him. There is always something that goes wrong haha. We also found out the real reason why Thomas is hesitant to join the church. He believes its all true but he's a catholic church leader! He straight up told us he doesn't know how to tell his congregation that he would be leaving and joining a different church. 

Saturday we finally met with an ancient investigator named Marie-Roseline who really doesn't remember anything that the missionaries taught before which is nice. This time round her daughter wants to take the lessons too so hopefully this will be better! 

Sunday we met with Alex again. The guy who likes conspiracy theories. We ended up talking with his dad Jean for most of the time though. Jean loves talking about history and what not so we talked tons about WW2 and the history of New Cal and the Catholic church. We slid in a nice little message about the restored gospel too which was nice. 

Monday things turned south. I woke up at around midnight and started puking until 3am. I was bed ridden all day. It must have been something I ate for dinner the night before. Some wacko diseased fish or something. Not gonna lie it was probably the most miserable I've been on my mission. I'm still slowly recovering.

Tuesday we were back to work with some contacting and a lesson with Cecil and Manu. Definitely took the day slow and steady. Cecil and Manu surprised us with dinner when we got there which was super kind of them! I couldn't eat much but they made some super good tasting deer. 

That's its for this week! 

Elder Burbank

Pics: Mont Dzumac again (There were some people flying around in their parachutes when we were on the summit. It was pretty cool!)

Another burnt car

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