Sunday, January 7, 2018

Finding like Krazy

So this week was good. So for the new year last pday all the missionaries on efate got together to do a service project! We made hygiene kits for the people of Ambae (another island). About 40 people made 1000 kits in like 30 to 45 mins. The team work was insane. Nothing better than doing a service project for the new year! Also after the project president felt impressed to give basically an improv zone conference which was cool. Getting everybody hyped for the new year of missionary work. This year will be his and my last year on the mission!!! Crazy to think about.

Tuesday we had "district meeting with the mission president" he tried to make it such an official thing haha. It was actually super awesome. A huge benefit about being in Vanuatu is getting to work with president a ton. A huge huge blessing that we didn't really have in New Cal. After the meeting he took each companionship in the district contacting for an hour and Elder LaMont and I with president literally contacting like 130 in a little over an hour. Our area is bush too (not alot of people) so I couldn't believe. We basically just stormed the fruit stands and the people selling stuff on the side of the road, it was awesome. 

Wednesday we made sure Jerry was ready for his baptism this upcoming Saturday. He's a bright little kid. He cant read but he's still really smart. The "runs" also decided to ruin my life for a day. I was up multiple times in the night. I should probably be more careful to what I eat here lol. 

Thursday we had some good lessons with some new investigators. One asked how he could be baptized into the church so that's always a good sign. Another lesson was with a family that we met from Tanna (another super rural island). They were asking tons of good questions about prophets and what not. Most of them are uneducated but they still decently understand everything we teach them. 

Friday we sent of two Ni-van brothers going to their missions in Papua New Guinea. Its always a little crazy hosting islanders at the house but it just comes with the job haha. Also I never thought that I'd be at an airport for so much of my mission haha.

Saturday we had a solid lesson with a new family that we'd found with president. They seem super solid and they actually got a big understanding of the bible it seems so this should be good. So the thing here about missionary work is that almost everyone here will accept you to teach them but the problem is finding the people who are actually interested. Its a different challenge cause people will always accept you but you may just be wasting time cause they will never progress. The work is tricky in a different way here. 

Sunday was alright. A normal fast and testimony meeting but we literally could not hear a thing the whole meeting cause the one speaker they have which is run by a tiny hand sized generator outside the chapel was waaay too quiet haha. I don't know why they didn't turn it up. After church we went straight to our area and taught a few important lessons. We taught Joma and Ivong again which should be getting baptized this Saturday too. We are kinda rushing a bit to make sure they're ready. Oh I should probably explain too that we neither live in or go to church in our area. We live close to the mission office so it takes like 30 minutes just to drive out to our area every time and when we are at church already which is already close to our area it makes it a bit of a hassle to go all the way back home to eat so like every Sunday is fast Sunday haha. 

That's about it for this week!

Love, Avec amour (keeping the french alive), Luvem yufala tumas,
Elder Burbank

Pics (sorry I didn't really take any this week): 
-Picked up Elder Nulak from Malakula! Comp reunion! He didn't actually know I was transferred to -Vanuatu so it was a big surprise for him haha.
-Ocean views from Vila

-So I took this pic with a random Papi cause people here have the most random shirts. This is just one example. This papi has never heard of the red hot chili peppers and he lives waaay out in the bush yet they get these shirts. Where? No idea. 

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