Thursday, May 4, 2017

Zone Conference week!

Highs and lows this week. Last P-day I woke up from a nap feeling absolutely terrible. I puked a couple times that evening which was not fun at all. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep either which made me tired all week long. No idea what illness I got but it was gone the next day.

Thursday went pretty well. We had 4 unplanned lessons and got to eat with an awesome family in our ward, the Waintiligon's. They invited a non member Tahitian family and we taught all the restoration. Huge potential there. I really hope they stay interested!

Friday not a whole lot happened. Just some contacting and a few Books of Mormon given!

Saturday we had a lesson with Fanny Xewe again. We taught the restoration again even though shes had it before but this time she told us she really understands it now. She also had random questions about baptisms for the dead which is always a good sign haha. We are going to explain them with the plan of salvation this Saturday! It also started raining super hard Saturday. We were driving up in the squats trying to find one of our investigators and the car was slipping all over the place in the mud. We also contacted a guy who was casually drying out and trimming a marijuana branch. He told us how its still super illegal even in New Cal and how how much it was all Worth haha. Pretty sketchy! We also ate dinner with another family in our ward, the Selui family. The father, Sagato, kept trying to talk in the English the whole time we were there it was pretty hilarious.

Sunday we had to say goodbye to Beniot for the all the month of may. He's still getting baptized on June 10th and his program is already put together but now we just have to wait for him to get back from Australia! We also had a stake late Easter concert which was good.

Monday and Tuesday was zone conference! Another super great experience to hype up all the missionaries! President Granger and his wife are amazing! Some good changes are being made to really help the developing stake here in New Cal.

That's all for this week!

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: Zone conference, the apartment (just the little left part of the house), the humble "squat"

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