Monday, May 22, 2017

Cyclone round 2

Cyclone Donna made for an interesting week. The storm didn't really hit the main island so it was just overcast and tons of rain all yesterday and Monday. No real damage. The government still put out a national warning though so we had to still in our apartments for 2 days straight. I can confidently say that I've seen every Church produced video in our apartment multiple times haha. I kinda enjoyed the last two days though. I really spent tons of time in the scriptures and finished all the gospels of the new testament for the first time on my mission. Its cool to see each perspective of the life of the savior. They're all Worth reading! As for the rest of the week:

Last P-day all we really did out of the ordinary was go to Tontouta to get haircuts from the zone leaders. My hair has never been shorter since I was about 5 I think haha.

Thursday it took a while to get out of the house. Once we did we had a lesson with a new investigator from Tahiti nicknamed Nels. Hes a super chill guy and has a good understanding of the Bible for his background. We also spent a lot of time contacting around up in the squats and jungle. Felt like Boy Scouts all over again haha. Crossing rivers and walking on sketchy bridges and what not.

Friday we continued contacting. Didn't have any lessons but we did come across this 95 year old man who had Fallen in his garage. We helped him up but he couldn't really talk. He was going a little crazy in his old age I think. I little sad to see. We had to find and Wake his wife to tell her what happened.

Saturday we had another lesson with Fanny Xewe. We answered her question about baptisms for the dead and taught the plan of salvation. The lesson went super super long because she had lots of questions but I think she enjoyed the lesson overall. I think she really likes the Church in general but still is a little skeptical. We also had a meeting in the morning with our ward mission leader. It was one of the sister's birthday so he made us all breakfast with BACON. First time I've had bacon since salt lake. I literally had bacon everyday in salt lake but now I cant! Its just too expensive here.

Sunday we tired contacting up in a richer area on a mountain in our area. It did not work out very well haha. Its crazy to see such a huge contrast of people just within our area. We also went to a priesthood celebration choir practice Sunday night with all the men of the ward. Ward choir is shockingly exactly the same in French as in English. Its pretty funny...not always in a good way haha.

Anyways that's all for this week! Call you on Mothers day!

Avec amour,
-Elder Burbank

Pics: Views, Grapefruit and a sprouting coconut, comp pic by a river, Missionaries of Dumbea ward in the Liahona! (Ward mission leaders boat).

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