Sunday, April 30, 2017

Progress in Dumbéa!

This week went a whole lot better than the last. Elder Nulak and I are finally settling in and Learning the area and investigators. We actually had lessons this week! Ive never been so grateful for lessons in my life!

Thursday we taught and super potential investigator named Beniot. He speaks English and French so he actually wanted me to share a spiritual experience I've had in English which was cool haha. Beniot is truly a miracle. He first learned about the Church by one of his friends from England. She visited him here in New Cal and took him to a sacrament meeting or two. Even after she left he kept going to Church by himself! Everyone thought he was already a member because he's been going to Church since I think October of last year! The Elders before us finally started meeting with him and now we just set his baptismal date for June 10th! He would get baptized sooner but he's going to Australia for a month so we are going to have to wait a bit. Super cool though. I don't think Ive met an investigator as ready as he is to be a member!

Friday we taught a former investigator named Marie-Noel. "Marie Christmas" haha... She lives in a tiny squat that I have to bend down to stand in haha. She is slightly interested in the Church but doesn't really have a way to get to Church. That's a pretty big problem here. The chapel for our ward is about a 25 minute drive away and alot of people here don't have cars and there are really not that many members in our area to drive them.

Saturday we did a little service project for Marie-Noel. We helped her weed her garden and I learned how to plant manihot. Its kinda like taro or other root veggies.

Sunday was pretty normal. Church was good as always but the rest of the day was contacting and we didn't really have much success with that.

Monday we had a lesson in the morning with an investigator named Fanny Xewe. She told us she was super curious about the Church so I think there is alot of potential there. We also had a lesson with her sister in law, Celine, that evening. Celine isn't quite as potential to progress but really loves the missionaries anyways. We also had our first dinner with members here in Dumbea, with Bishops family! Not gonna lie I really miss having meals with members every night in SLC.

Tuesday we had a lesson with a recent convert named Victoria which went well I think. We also found this really strange abandoned train tunnel full of bats while trying to find former investigators. Pics below. We also met this family from Vanuatu. Elder Nulak did all the talking in Bislama while I just sat there and smiled haha. That's about all for this week!

Avec amour,
Elder Burbank

Pics: Views, Tropical food (Sugar cane, a lemon, bananas, Manihot), The river that flooded the bridges after the cyclone, The mediatheque that we do our emails, Our car,

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