Wednesday, April 19, 2017

White Washed, Baptism, Cyclone Cook

This last week has been pretty exciting. Last P-day we got to do our final activity as a district which was bowling! Elder Nulak, who has never bowled in his life won! A hidden talent he didn't know he had I suppose.

Thursday was a pretty typical day. A little bit of door to door and we had 4 lessons!

Friday we had a really good lesson with Heirani again. Her baptismal date had to get moved to April 29th but I got transferred! Wont be there for that but that's the missionary life! I got transferred to an area called Dumbéa Nord with Elder Nulak from Vanuatu. Dumbéa is about a 30 minute drive north of Nouméa and it is waaaay different up here. The area is much much bigger and basically jungle so we get a car. Way more people up here live in "Squats" and everyone is much more spread out. Just today we had to drive through a few flooded rivers and help out people clean up all the debris from Cyclone Cook.

Saturday and Sunday the stake came together to Watch General Conference. We watch it a week later because of time zones and everything. All the talks were suuper good. Watching conference as a missionary is the best! All ten hours fly by and you can't get enough! After the final session on Sunday we had our baptism for Fabianne right afterwords. Tons of people showed up and it went well! I don't have pictures on my camera so ill have to ask Elder Conger to send me some.

Monday was Cyclone Cook! President told us we had to stay Inside for the entire day. It didn't get too crazy around where we lived. There was definitely some strong Wind but nothing too serious. The northern parts of the island got hit alot harder. I can see a lot more damage now that I am further north. The chapel down South in Nouméa did get damaged quite a bit though. They found out that it wasn't constructed very well to begin with.

Tuesday we had our white wash transfer. Thankfully the Elder that served here before, Elder Bybee, had to stay with us because he was going to be transferred to Vanuatu but the flights got delayed because of the Cyclone. He has been showing us around and helping us learn the area.

That's it for this week! I'm a little terrified for this new area but I'm sure it'll work out!

Avec amour,
-Elder Burbank

Pics: Crazy Sunset, Cyclone, Conference, Huge Cricket field, strange gas plant, 

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