Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

These last two weeks have been pretty great! Over Christmas both zones on New Cal met up and we had an awesome Christmas party with lots of sports and singing and such. For some reason they made every Canadian missionary get up and sing and I was dragged into it. Just 4 of us had to sing "As Sisters in Zion" in French haha. Missionary work over the holidays has been a little tough since a lot of people are drunk or not at home.... but we do our best! New Years Day Elder Conger and I had to stay in the apartment the whole time. For some reason this lady gave us 2 frozen chickens so we made one for our New Years dinner :). We also have many stories with drunk people on the streets. For example, this one guy told us that his shadow was satan and he kept trying to fight his shadow haha. Just this last Monday it turns out one of our "potential investigators" was actually a Jehovahs Witness so she went on and on trying to disprove things we believed in with scriptures that made no sense haha. Still trying to work on the French! I feel like I can understand people better now after being here for almost a month but the speaking side of things is still tough. Talk to you next week!

Avec amour,

-Elder Burbank

Found this locust the size of my hand! I'll hopefully get more pictures next week.

 Chicken Dinner

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  1. Elder Burbank ... I would have dropped dead seeing that locust!