Tuesday, January 24, 2017

First Transfer

Its been a while! The mediatheque didnt give us a heads up like normal so we couldnt make other plans to email last pday :( Anyways these last two weeks have been pretty good! Two P-days ago Elder Conger and I got to head into downtown Noumea with Elder Tauotaha and Mariteragi who were on exchanges and we got to go shopping. I got a cool Kanaky sulu in the pics below. 

We have also been finding lots of new investigators recently! Just in the last 2 weeks we have 3 new investigators who seem pretty promising! The work has been a little slow here in Ducos but its definitely looking up!

Back on the Thirteenth was Elder Congers birthday! For lunch we went out to this really nice sushi place which was crazy expensive but it tasted sooo good! I only got like 3 tiny roles because it was so expensive but it was worth it non the less. For dinner we made another whole chicken in the oven which was also super good.  

Last Sunday was Elder Tauotaha's last day on his mission :(((( He flew back to Tahiti the next morning which was super sad. For transfers we got 2 new Elders in the district! Elder Claveau (from Tahiti) whose training a brand new Elder from Vanuatu, Elder Nulak. Elder Nulak doesnt speak a whole lot of French or English so he doesnt even have a way to communicate with his trainer which is crazy but hes a cool guy. 

Last Friday we had a cool experience too. The whole day was just super slow and nobody answered all day long but right as we were going to head in we felt the need to just stop by some apartments to place a poster for an English class. We weren't really planning on it and it turns out the poster got ripped down super quick anyways but when we headed over to the apartments there was a guy who was just waiting in his car and as we walked by he got out and started asking a bunch of questions about the church and such and we gave him Book of Mormon and he seems interested! Cool experiences! 

Avec amour,

-Elder Burbank

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