Friday, October 14, 2016

Slight Detour Ahead - 4 Days until MTC complete

So as you heard I am headed to the Salt Lake East mission for the time being. If my Visa comes sooner I still have stay until the end of the transfer so I'll be in Salt Lake for at least 6 weeks. I got the package and read your talk for Stake Conference! It is super powerful. Just reading it on my own brought the spirit really strongly! Thank you for all the treats! :) I am not too concerned about the Visa not coming through. From what I've heard its getting the Vanuatu Visa that always holds everyone back because we have to get them for Vanuatu and New Cal as far as I know. Also the Christensen's are in my mission! It would be cool if I got to see them again! The majority of the Salt Lake East mission is actually Wyoming. The mission covers about a quarter of Wyoming. Jackson Hole is just North of my mission boundary. Also its cool that Jane is already getting married! I think she really needs this. I guess I will get to meet Eric when I get back?

As for this week at the MTC its been awesome! My district and I had In-Field Orientation yesterday for like 7 hours which was crazy but it was really helpful. It really stressed how important it is to involve members and to work well with members to help with missionary work. Also earlier this week we had a devotional on Tuesday with Elder Bednar!!!! Him and his wife spoke at the pulpit together about how important it is to study general conference. He played little clips from many talks and broke each talk down into 3 categories: Doctrine or Principle, Invitation to act and Promised blessings. It felt like I was having a companionship study with an apostle! He basically said studying General Conference is just as important as studying the standard works. It was very powerful. Speaking about General Conference I really felt a connection with Elder Nelson's talk which was all about joy. I thought that was really cool because I was just talking with the second counselor in our branch presidency, Brother Markham, about what joy really means. Joy is something beyond happiness. Its a divine uplifting feeling that our spirits experience. We were discussing how anyone without the spirit can feel happiness/pleasure but you have to have the spirit with you to feel joy.

It's crazy to think that we only have 4 days left here but I am excited to get into the field! I leave Tuesday at 6:30 to take a train up to Salt Lake. Should be an awesome 6 weeks until I get to head out to New Caledonia! 

Bonne Chance with your talk on Sunday! I wish I could be there!

Avec amour,
-Elder Burbank

Here are a few pictures. View from the residence, Gathering for "Chanter" (we all sing a closing Hymn together every night) and a picture with one of the "Benin Boys" who left to Benin, Africa a little while ago.

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