Friday, September 16, 2016

First week at the MTC

This first week at the MTC has been crazy! The first few days were some of the slowest of my life but it's been getting better as time goes on. Everyone says just make it to Sunday and it will get better and its sooo true! Sunday night I got to go to choir which was awesome and we had a devotional with Elder Ballard which was amazing! It was crazy how directly he was talking to us as missionaries. No where else can you get such specific counsel from General Authority's than in the MTC. Right after the devotional we went to a church film and my district and I watched Elder Bednar's "Character of Christ" talk which was hands down one of the best talks I have ever heard. I have never heard an apostle speak so profoundly in my life. If there is a way to listen or watch that talk somehow I HIGHLY recommend it. There was also another devotional on Tuesday night with Elder Cook and his wife which was also super great. Elder Cook gave a powerful personal testimony that he knew the Savior's voice and face. The Spirit was so strong at that devotional especially because we performed our first choir number Nearer My God to Thee. There is something special about singing with 1000+ other Elders and Sisters. I am pretty sure there will be an MTC choir singing at general conference but only about 300 of the 1200 people get to go so I don't know if I will be going yet. I really really want to sing at General Conference though. I think that would be an awesome experience.
 Yesterday Elder Graf and I just finished teaching our first "investigator" which was quite a humbling and slightly discouraging experience. Teaching in French when you barely know French is quite the task but I know the language will come eventually. It's lunch time right now so I will send another Email with some pictures a little bit later. Also, I was wondering if you started a blog for my mission or not?

Also I had an awesome session at the temple today! Its so nice to get to do a session once a week. Also our zone gets to do a little extra temple work by helping with all the temple laundry every week which is always fun. Here are some of the pictures.

-Elder Burbank

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