Friday, September 9, 2016

First P-day at MTC and Mailing Address

First off here is my mailing address:
Elder Connor Wade Burbank
2005 N 900 E Unit 115
Provo UT 84602

The first few days of the MTC have been great! It has been really chaotic but pretty much what I expected. Perks of having older siblings who have already served to tell you stuff! The food here really isnt too great haha but today we got to go do a temple session this morning and we had breakfast in the temple cafeteria which had muuch better food. My French class has been pretty solid so far. I was suprised at how many things I remembered from High School. I think I'll get French down in due time. Tonight I have to teach my first lesson in French! I have no idea how to really say anything but I'm sure my companion Elder Graf and I will be able to figure something out. After all we do have the spirit on our side. The spirit here at the MTC is amazing. It is really cool to see so many Elders and Sisters all unified towards a common goal to invite the spirit into other peoples lives. Everyone in my zone is so dedicated to the work and they have all been really helpful. However sadly a huge majority of our zone is heading out to the field on Monday and Tuesday. I really wish I had more time to meet them but being moved to report a week early kinda messed up the schedule. As for my district we all came in together on Wednesday. There are only 4 of us: Elder Graf, Walton, Kennedy and myself and we are all going to New Caledonia French speaking! It is really cool to have a whole district dedicated to one language and mission. Also I really like my French teacher, Brother Kellette. He served in Paris 4 years ago and hes a really fun guy to be around. Today we finally have our first gym time which I've been dying for. My French zone leaders have this tradition where the whole zone has a soccer (football) game on P-days and I'm really looking forward to that especially because one of my zone leaders, Elder Stanton, is British and played professional soccer. I never really had much of a chance to take many pictures so Ill be sure to send a bunch next week! Also I got to talk with Kane for a little bit! Turns out he has to stay for nine weeks because there was some course confusion. I will be heading out to the field before he does haha. Talk to you next week! 

-Elder Burbank

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