Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dengue Season

Well its Dengue season here in New Cal. Every other day its pouring down rain then its clear skies and waaay too hot which is apparently good for mosquitos. There are these posters that the government put up everywhere (in the pics below) so people are rightly taking precaution. Besides the dengue literally floating in the air this week been good! Last P-day I spent most of my time on a split with one of the zone leaders, Elder Miner, because he was pretty sick. I had to stay behind in the zone leaders apartment while Elder Conger and the other zone leader Elder Kessler went to ward meetings. We all thought Elder Miner had the dengue but it turns out it wasn't so that was a relief. 

Last Thursday we had a nice lunch with some recent converts in the ward, Famille Wajoka, which was great! A lot of our lessons that day actually fell through though. That night we tried to have a "Visit de Bon Berger" which translates literally into "visit of good Shepard" which is a ward activity where we all go out to visit less actives but it kinda fell apart unfortunately. It can be hard to actually get things to follow through here because the church is still so young! 

Friday we had a great lesson with one of our investigators, Heirani. She wants to get baptized on the 16th of April which is after the transfer so we'll see if I get to be here for that! We also had a pack of 5 dogs follow us all the way back to our apartment door!!! It was kinda ridiculous. That night we had dinner with the Famille Ulivaka again and they told us their conversion story which was super cool. At first they really did not like the missionaries because apparently they ruined the sister Ulivakas birthday by dropping in and bothering them. Later that day however those 2 Elders came back that same day with a random cake that someone gave them for no reason in particular haha. 

Saturday we went contacting in a pretty far place in our area. This place was basically just a gigantic cricket field with a few houses beside it. I didn't get a picture unfortunately but if we ever go there again I will. While we were there there was a bunch of old ladies in uniformed "mommy dresses" playing cricket. It was pretty funny to watch haha. 

Monday we had our apartment checked by the new senior couple in our mission, Elder and Sister Jean from Tahiti. We passed :). Other than that though we basically just added to our tan lines by walking A TON. We tried to have some lessons but nothin really worked out. However, we did get to give a Book of Mormon in Fijian to this old Fijian guy oddly enough.

Thats about all for this week! 

Avec amour,
-Elder Burbank

Pics: The District with the ward mission leader. Bus stop view, La Dengue poster!!, Zone Leaders (Kessler on the left, Miner on the right), 

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