Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

This week has been really fun! Last P-day we had a zone BBQ for our departing missionaries. Sister Parker the Polynesian sister in our zone did most of the cooking and it was super good! We also had another solid dunk ball game but Elder Lyons twisted his ankle pretty bad. 

Tuesday we got to go to the departing missionary temple trip! I was so glad that president invited us. Its going to be my last temple trip in 2 years!! First time in the Salt Lake Temple and it was amazing. I think I understand why it took 40 years now haha. After the temple trip I went on exchanges with another greenie named Elder Canann. Both brand new and we had a full day of plans. Pretty crazy day.

Wednesday Elder Canann and I got a get a car from mission office to borrow because of Elder Lyons injury. It was super convenient because right when we got the car it started dumping snow. For dinner after we switched back from exchanges and Elder Lyons and I got to go to an early thanksgiving party which went pretty well. We got to talk to a bunch of RM's about their missions and stuff. That night we also had to drive all the way out to West Valley which is way outside the mission boundaries for a baptismal interview for a Swahili refugee. Driving on a Utah Highway in snow is pretty sketchy not gonna lie. 

Thanksgiving morning Elder Lyons and I played in an awesome turkey bowl in the snow! We also had like 3 dinner appointments which was a little chaotic but it was some good food. I think I might've gained like 10 pounds but no shame. We also got permission to go see President Hillier and his family at the mission home down in cottonwood heights! Felt right at home there it was awesome. 

Friday we spent contacting a ton. Highland Park Ward has some 90 perspective Elders so we just spent most of the day knocking that list out. Contacting is a whole lot easier with a car. Surprisingly a lot of people were opening their doors so we actually got to talk to people.

Saturday we spent time contacting some more and we got transfer info! As of right now Elder Lyons and I are going to be in a trio this upcoming week until I leave next Monday. We still don't know who will be the third but we find out tomorrow.

Sunday we went to like 5 wards. Paula didn't come to church again for some reason. We are still having lessons and she still keeps other commitments but she doesn't make it to church! I really hope I find out what happens in the future after I'm gone. Sunday evening we went to a really cool fireside at the Swahili branch. A Polynesian choir called Divine Heritage gave an awesome performance and the departing missionaries in our zone gave testimonies etc. I might not get to E-mail next Monday so I'll E-mail when I can. 

Avec Amour
Elder Burbank

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  1. I love your enthusiasm. It's exciting that Swahili refugees are accepting the gospel! The Salt Lake Temple really is awesome!
    Keep up the great work!! Happy travels!